Strong body and a calm mind

Physical and Mental Power

• Mindset exercises
• Wim-Hof inspired training

Physical and Mental Calmness

• Recovery
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Felden Krais

Healthy Body and Strong Mind

• Proper Nutrition
• Mindset Coaching
• Habit Tracking
• Pre & Post Workout Practices

Make Friends and Workout Partners

• Retreats
• Group Training
• Community Access

In order to attain accomplishment in these four areas,
we incorporate the following nine core tenets:

Habits & Mindset

We show you how to replace bad habits with good ones and how to be consistent with the new habits. Mindset Training increases feelings of wellbeing and confidence.


In order to live a happy and stress free life one must have social connections and community. Our like-minded community is a support system to help you get your goals accomplished fast.

Stretching & Yoga

Balances your workouts, aids in recovery time and warms up muscles. Also yoga can help to release trauma from the body.

Cardio & Core

Bring blood flow to all muscles, heat up the body for heart health, and strengthen your core.


Cold in the morning wakes up the body and put it into a flow state right away. Intense cold water before exercise leads to better stronger workouts, At night it calms the nervous system.


Like the cold, breathing serves multiple purposes. Wim Hof method breathing and deep big inhales during workouts leads to more adrenaline, focus and greater adaptive response. This will help amp up your workouts and allow you to hit new personal records.


Increase Strength , Create a pump, Get Strong.


Optimal rest and recovery means better energy throughout your day and better workouts.


Proper nutrition energizes the body before working out or completing tasks, replenishes the body and can even increase serotonin and relax the body before bed.

Meet Nick

Hi I'm Nick Steiner. I'm from Los Angeles. I enjoy weightlifting, cold exposure, nature, music and good food. In my mid 20s I suffered a lot of depression due to physical injuries and that's when I first discovered Wim Hof method. I used the power of the method and Wim Hof method and weightlifting to heal my injuries and become strong. Now I wish to help others do the same.

Nicholas Steiner
Head Trainer & Founder