Cool Blue Training exists to assist those looking to gain more power clarity and calm in their day to day lives.  This is achieved by a combination of Optimal Training & Wim-Hof Methods coupled with Community, Nutrition, and Proper Recovery Strategies.  Our Training Programs help you every step of the way to a healthier happier empowered life.

About Our Lead Instructor Nick Steiner

Nick is a Certified Personal Trainier and Wim-Hof Instructor.  

He loves helping people become the best versions of themselves.  

Combining the power of cold with breath work and elite weightlifting techniques, dynamic yoga and stretches, Nick has developed a method of optimizing the athletic performance of the body.  The other side of the coin is calming the mind and healing the nervous system to alloy for maximal rest and recovery. Nick has developed a system through diet, control of habits, and certain somatic techniques to put the body in a state of rest and safety when athletic performance is finished. The combination of these two methods brings about a strong body
with fluid energy and expressiveness and a calm mind leading to an overall great quality of life. I want to make people strong. Old, young, man, women. I want people to feel safe. Safety yields strength and safe yields safety. Life is not a zero sum game, we all will get stronger and safer together

Message From Our Founder:

My goal with Cool Blue Training was to combine everything I learned over the last few years about how to optimize one’s health and wellness, energy, strength, speed, nutrition, conditioning, peace of mind and aesthetics into one program.  I wanted to make it as simple, effective, balanced, and sustainable as possible and leave the space and energy to do other things in life that you love.  

I battled depression and physical injuries and discovered the power of the Wim Hof Method, the cold and the breath.  After several months of cold exposure and breathwork, I completely healed from my physical injuries and no longer had any issues with lack of energy or motivations.  I then expanded on the Wim Hof Method, combining it with classic and modern bodybuilding techniques, nutrition and fasting guidelines, and up to date methods to control the autonomic nervous system.  In doing so I created a system that optimizes the body and mind – giving you physical power, and mental calm – and does not solely focus on one aspect of fitness.   


This program, consisting of protocols, routines and philosophies will allow for a smooth and steady climb towards achieving your goals and your dream physical condition.  It’s cheap, simple and does not require sacrificing enjoyment of your life or relying on supplements or pre-workouts to give you energy.           

You will provide your own energy, learning to access and control the deepest evolutionary circuits in your body, giving you the full power of a human being.  This method can be used for the rest of your life to maintain a strong body and calm mind.   

I’ve dealt with injuries and depression before so I’ve built this system from the bottom up, from where I could barely use my body to now being in high athletic shape.  Anyone at any age can use this system to improve their current condition and perform at their peak potential.