Student Training Special Package

Meeting once per week for 1.5 hours or twice a week for 45 minutes.  Sessions include going through all the major lifts, Wim Hof breathing, dieting protocols, and techniques and philosophies to control the nervous system.     

This program teaches you the fundamentals of lifting and Wim Hof Method breathing.  Free access to Virtual Training including a 45-minute weekly group zoom call.  25% off all classes and group trainings. 



  • Free Access to App to Track Results
  • Guidelines for nutrition and sample meals
  • Discounts on Meetups and Events
  • Ios & Android App where you can access everything
  • Integration with Apple Watch & Fitbit
  • 24/7 Access to Workouts, Progress, and Meal Plans
  • Virtual Video Training
  • Access to Online Community  
  • Detailed Video library of all exercises client will be performing showing perfect form.  Includes: 
    • Yoga
    • Feldenkrais
    • Breathing tutorials
  • Literature about the nervous system, and CBT philosophy
  • Proper rest and recovery techniques
  • Mindset exercises to keep you in optimal mental condition
  • Habit tracking and coaching so you will succeed

Only $350/moClick Here To Get Started