One-On-One Training 

Our standard training package consists of two hour and a half sessions every week. 

These sessions consist of roughly a 10 minute warmup (including yoga, running and stretching), 1:10 minutes of strength training, and 5 minutes of calming back down (including yoga, stretching and feldenkrais).  Will include 5 minutes of recommendations for dieting, rest and recovery, mindset and habits at the end of each session.

The weight lifting component of this training hit every major muscle group of the body.  3 months of strict adherence to our standard training package is guaranteed to create noticeable muscle gain and increased confidence in your physicality.  1 year will totally transform your body and strength. 

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 Tier Two Training – Wim-Hof Powered Training 

This training package consists of two 2 hour long workouts per week. 

It is way more intense and will bring your body into a state of high adrenaline fueling gametime athletic type performance. 

We start off with a 3 minute ice bath in my cold plunge tub at 37 degrees, followed by a steady jog to the gym (or car ride if my new house is too far from the gym).  We immediately go into yoga, and stretching, warmups and begin an intense weightlifting session. 

Wim Hof breathing technique done strategically throughout the workout will amp of adrenaline and focus so by about halfway throughout the workout you are pumping reps with a power and resolve that you did not think was possible before. 

These sessions also end with 10 minutes of calming down and recommendations for diet, mindset, habits and rest/recovery.  Bring your power and metabolism to a level only top tier athletes experience.

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Tier Three Training – Total Package 

This training package gives you everything in tier two.  In addition to two 2 hour long training sessions, you will also participate in a third 45 minute long barefoot outdoor yoga/core training session, and a 30 minute weekly meeting to discuss habits, mindset, nutrition and rest and recovery. 

While tier two training will give you maximum power in your lifts, tier three will also make you flexible, limber, fast, and foster a sense of connection to nature. 

Our 30 minute weekly coaching meeting (or call) will also guarantee that you have the proper knowledge to reach your desired body fat, get the necessary recovery to power your workouts, and keep your mind calm and happy.  

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