Are you ready to achieve your dream body and max out your athletic potential?  No matter how old you may be or how daunting the process seems, I promise you following Cool Blue Training’s simple method will allow you to reach your goals.   – Nick Steiner
Our virtual training program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Cool Blue Training method at a fraction of the price of in person training sessions and includes monthly virtual sessions with lead trainer Nick Steiner.  Adherence to the method will simplify your health and wellness, optimize the performance of your body and mind, and allow you to make smooth and unfettered progress towards your dream body and athletic potential.   Virtual training includes
  • Two hour long virtual session per month to review all exercises for perfect form, ensure that client is following workout plan perfectly, and provide motivation and assessment on progress
  • Detailed workout plan including Wim Hof Method breathing, warmups, times of cold showers and ice baths, all weightlifting exercises, core and cardio exercises, times between sets, yoga poses and reps, hot bath/sauna recommendations, Feldenkrais 
  • Two 30 minute phone calls per month to discuss habits, mindset and nutrition, any other questions 

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  • Free Access to our Paid Courses (coming soon – $499 value)
  • Guidelines for nutrition and sample meals
  • Discounts on Meetups and Events
  • Ios & Android App where you can access everything
  • Integration with Apple Watch & Fitbit
  • 24/7 Access to Workouts, Progress, and Meal Plans
  • Virtual Video Training
  • Access to Online Community  
  • Detailed Video library of all exercises client will be performing showing perfect form.  Includes: 
    • Yoga
    • Feldenkrais
    • Breathing tutorials
  • Literature about the nervous system, and CBT philosophy
  • Proper rest and recovery techniques
  • Mindset exercises to keep you in optimal mental condition
  • Habit tracking and coaching so you will succeed

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