Elite Warrior Training


3 hour rejuvenating Sunday wilderness training to get you back in touch with your animal strength and increase your sense of wellbeing.

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 Wim Hof method workshops and retreats are a great way to experience the method in a group setting and connect with other compassionate, earnest individuals.  I’ve found that everyone I’ve met who regularly practices Wim Hof method and is part of the community is genuinely a good, caring person.  These workshops create a space to feel emotions and be vulnerable with other people as well.  I believe a big part of the power of the Wim Hof Method is the connection it brings to yourselves and others, which I personally have experienced every time I’ve attended a Wim Hof method workshop.  You are not alone.      
   Group training sessions with Cool Blue Training expand on the Wim Hof method and use the philosophy to power your athletic performance.  Our elite warrior training is the most challenging and invigorating training modality on the market, pushing your energy and strength to levels you did not think was possible for you.  This training will wake you out of sedation and make you understand the full power of our method.  
   Our barefoot elemental yoga and core training sessions are a nice compliment to Elite Warrior Training.  The ying to the yang.  You increase your flexibility, agility and speed and connection to the earth as well as calming the autonomic nervous system.